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This Web Page Is In Remembrance Of 'My FORMER Pastor' "MY NEW PASTOR WILL BE INTRODUCED SOON"

Rev. Dr. E. V. Hill


Rev. Dr. E.V. Hill was an 'Excellent PASTOR', because he always took the time to listen and he always replied in a Soft, Well-Mannered and Concerned Way.

Also, Rev. Dr. E. V. Hill was very sincere about his feelings of people, he never played games with ones' mind and heart. Now days, I see so many individuals who say they are ministers of GOD and have no respect for ones feelings.

Rev. Dr. E. V. Hill was genuine from his heart. I wish more of these modern day ministers will understand that it is about being a role model for GOD. "LOVE, CARING and UNDERSTANDING".

I will miss Pastor E. V. Hill, because he was always there when I needed him .

Sincerely, Dr. Addie Mae Miller

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